🌸Flowercrown: a new trend🌸

Flowercrown from school fair

Flowercrown from school fair

The very first time I saw a flower crown was in a music video, Born to Die by Lana Del Rey. Then, I started seeing it being sold in school and my girlfriends even bought one. I borrowed it to see if it looks good on me and ever since, I’ve grown to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT.

💻 Gadgets: Bad Influence 💻

Ever since, I started to have a laptop, I never seemed to come out of my room, bonded with my friends or family. In other words, I’ve started to socialize less and less as time went by. My mom and cousin even scolded me but I didn’t mind them thinking that they should mind their own business. But after some time, my head started throbbing and headaches came more frequently. At first I didn’t mind because I thought that it will go away if I just sleep it off. It didn’t, my mom got worried so she brought me to the doctor and got me glasses.

I didn’t use the glasses that much unless I had to in school. I started to wear it more often now because everything I see is blurred.

So lesson learned: ‘gadgets can be good, only if you use them wisely’ 

♡ Dolly Lenses ♡

Hey, lovely 😙

I, for so long am trying to find the perfect LENSES for my obsidian colored eyes. I’ve been searching for different colors and sizes, but nothing seemed to go well with me. I even asked my mom if blue or ice grey lenses would look good on me and she said no. I’ve been searching for lenses on MAPLELENS but they were a bit expensive. A pair of lenses costs about 18 dollars.

Guys, if you know any dolly lenses that might blend well with my eye color, please suggest. Comment below! 👇


You don’t know what its like, to be me.

You don’t know what its like to feel left out, to feel like you’re not good enough, like you’re not worth it. You don’t have a clue what its like to always be guarded and keep you walls high. You don’t know what its like to be hurt by the people you love and care for. You don’t even understand the reason for the hurt.

I am not numb because I can’t appreciate or acknowledge people’s efforts for me. I am numb because I’m tired of feeling, so I shut it out and hide my emotions. I conceal whatever emotion I have for the sake of putting up the impression that I am not affected, I hide what I feel for the sake of pride and not wanting to be a bother. 

🌹Lana Loveday🌹

♡ Dream ♡

When we were still younger and barely had any clue with what we wanted, our parents were the ones who guided us to discover who we want to be. They guided us to grow to the fine men and women we are now. Our parents were the one who loved, supported and believed in us. Throughout all our life, failures and accomplishments, they were the one who inspired us to strive and aim for our hopes and dreams.

We try to study and work hard to be successful, the hardship is what keeps us going. Reaching this far, we should not give up the fight. I think this is not the time to be discouraged, this is absolutely not the time to sulk and be gloomy but the time to be motivated to be the best version of ourselves. This is the moment in our lives where we might go our separate ways so that we can do the things we want and achieve our dreams. But we all know that this separation will be worth it someday 👏👍💔

💖 Good luck to the 6th graders, juniors, sophomores, college graduates and even the undergraduates 💖

☆ Soar High & Aim for the Best ☆

🌹Lana Loveday🌹

♡ makeup ♡

When I was younger, I have always seen my mom wear her makeup, I always thought, ‘I can’t wait to use that’. I first tried to wear makeup when I was 12 and honestly, I sucked. But I’ve improved and I don’t think I mess it up like I did the first time. I try to practice when I have some free time. My family is against me wearing makeup but I ignore it because It makes me happy when people compliment me saying they like how I did it.